Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction?

From the video:

"The role of insulin is to build fat, and when you frequently consume carbohydrates it stimulates excess insulin. The insulin stops the food from being used properly, making you eat more and more frequently, a vicious cycle. Fat gives basically no insulin response, protein stimulates it moderately."

"This is not a high protein diet, it is high fat. You need enough protein to maintain/stimulate muscle, but mostly you should just dodge the carbs and eat the fat. It’s more satiating, helping you eat less."

"Some people metabolise carbs better than others. Many people are unaware that they are “carbohydrate intolerant”. There are many maladies beyond diabetes and obesity that you can’t see which are a result of excess carbs."

"People are worried that a grain-free meal might be deficient in nutrients, however meat and veg and organs etc are far superior nutritionally. There may be no one-size-fits-all diet, but it’s clear that a large portion of the population - especially the obese and diabetic - would benefit from restricting carbohydrates."

"When someone’s lactose intolerant we don’t tell them to drink milk, but why do we tell diabetics and the insulin resistant – who can’t tolerate carbs – to eat carbohydrates all day?"

"So is it a fad? Nope, there’s plenty of science behind it, and you should just try it to see what it does for you."

Saturated Fats: A Weight Loss Alternative To Starvation and Exercise

This weird trick is for people who haven't been able to keep the weight off, though they've tried to do so for years.

A surprising finding is, to lose weight, you have to consume a certain amount of healthy fats, including saturated fats. They ensure steady energy as well as a feeling of satisfaction. (The amount you eat is up to you.)

Saturated fats are things such as whole cream, animal fat and coconut oil. Grass-fed butter is another example of healthy, saturated fat.

The next time you are hungry, to keep from overeating, consider consuming grass-fed butter (without the bread or crackers). Try it and see what it does to your appetite.

P.S. By the way, when it coms to weight loss, did you know research shows balanced diets don't work?

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