My Brother-In-Law Loses 38 Pounds in 10 Months

I received a recent text from my brother-in-law, stating he has lost seven inches and thirty-eight pounds in ten months.

He also said he lost the weight doing "almost no exercise".

He now needs a new belt!

How did he do it? He ate low carb and followed the nutritional teachings of Robb Wolf.

New York Times: A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

"People who avoid carbohydrates and eat more fat, even saturated fat, lose more body fat and have fewer cardiovascular risks than people who follow the low-fat diet that health authorities have favored for decades, a major new study shows." - New York Times

To read the full article, Click Here.

P.S. Another quote from the article:

"...cutting your carbs helps you lose weight without focusing on calories. And that’s really important because someone can change what they eat more easily than trying to cut down on their calories.”" - Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University

Click Here to read, the entire article.

A Ten Minute Workout

4 repetitions of 10 sprints + a rock squat,
 with walk back recovery.
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