Protein and The Perfect Health Diet

"The Perfect Health Diet takes a middle ground in regard to protein: We recommend eating about 15% protein, and argue that both high protein and low protein diets are likely to be harmful; high protein diets by accelerating aging or by making protein available to gut bacteria for fermentation, producing a less beneficial gut flora and generating nitrogenous toxins; low protein diets by starving the body of a key nutrient needed to maintain bodily functions, especially liver, kidney, and immune function." - Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and author

To learn more, check out his website by clicking here.

Gut Bacteria and The Human Microbiome

When talking about the benefits of resistant starch, it all comes down to feeding the gut bugs that make up the human microbiome.

For more explanation, here's an article about the human microbiome in The Economist.

Hormones, Chemistry and Long-Term Weight Gain

"Long-term fat gain works like this: a person’s hormones go haywire, causing his set-point to rise, and then his body fights to keep him storing more fat…. Most obese people hold a stable weight around their elevated set-point. Obesity is simply the result of the body defending this elevated weight – but in a very regulated way. A heavy person’s higher set-point prompts the body to store more fat in just the same way that a thin person’s lower set-point prompts the body to burn more fat. We all have a set-point - and that’s what determines how slim or stocky we are long-term. Not calorie counting." - Jonathan Bailor, researcher and author
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