Sunscreen, Vitamin D and Cancer

"It is possible the rise in skin cancer is actually because of the overuse of sunscreen. Vitamin D from the sun plays a part in cancer prevention. I believe the Surgeon General needs to study up on what kinds of cancers are linked to sun exposure. It is the mild kind that is easily treated that people get on exposed skin. Melanomas occur most often on areas that are not exposed, like the bottom of the feet. My husband had a melanoma on his lower back, which has never seen the light of day!

I think the companies that sell sunscreen are stirring up sun phobia. I read they are now recommending we wear sunscreen every day, even if we don't go outside, because we may get reflected light from windows. If we apply the recommended amount, it would take about a bottle per day per person! That is insane." - Judy Barnes Baker, writer, food fanatic and artist

Children, Sugar and Concentration

A breakfast full of sugar and flour can make it more difficult for kids to concentrate on things like schoolwork.

More On Resistant Starch

"Resistant starch is a unique kind of starch that humans by and large cannot digest. It’s not a fermentable fiber, but it acts like it. Upon its consumption, resistant starch travels mostly unperturbed through the digestive tract into the colon where the colonic bacteria – who can digest the stuff – feast on it, get frisky, and reproduce. Multiple studies indicate that resistant starch consumption generally leads to an increase in beneficial colonic bacteria and a reduction in pathogenic colonic bacteria, including a boost to bifidobacteria and a decrease in firmicutes." - Mark Sisson, nutrition and fitness blogger and author 

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